Education is a human right

Student Refugees is a project assisting refugees and asylum seekers in accessing higher education programmes in Iceland.


The Education System in Iceland

Education is mandatory for children aged 6-16, after which comes upper secondary education. Here you can find an overview of the education system in Iceland.

The Application Process

Everyone can apply for a university in Iceland. Refugees and asylum seekers receive the same processing as other international applicants, regardless of status.

Status & Possibilities ......................

Step-by-step guide to the application process, from information to finding your study program to application assistance.

Requirements and Recognition

An overview of the academic and language requirements and tips about how to write a Motivational Letter and a Curriculum Vitae according to your Institution demands.


Application Café

Date, time and location will be announced later.

At the Application Café refugees and asylum seekers will have a chance to come and talk to us directly. This can involve assistance with their applications but also help with any problems that might arise during the application process.


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